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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Results & Photos of the Rebel Run 10k & 5k...Sun 22nd Oct 2017

There was a total of 617 runners in this years Rebel Run...419 in the 10k and 198 in the 5k.

First 3 men in the 10k

10k winners
1 Eric CURRAN (698)     32:34 Senior  (1) Male  (1)
2 James MCCARTHY (311)  32:46 Senior  (2) Male  (2)
3 Gary EGAN (277)     34:55 Over 40  (1) Male  (3)
19 Susan MURNANE (455)     40:09 Over 40  (1) Female  (2)
23 Katie HICKSON (605)     40:27 Over 40  (2) Female  (3)
33 Annemarie POWER (193) 41:57 Over 40  (3) Female  (4)

10k results

First 3 women in the 5k

5k winners
1 Richard MULLINS (275)  17:37  Male  (1)
2 Darren AHERN (314)  18:57  Male  (2)
3 Gary WALSH (219)  19:11  Male  (3)
4 Rosaleen MACKEOWN (467)  19:21  Over 40  (1)     Female  (1)
7 Claire O' BRIEN (379)  19:36  open  (1)  Female  (2)
11 Rachel CAREY (265)  21:28  open  (2)  Female  (3)


Photos.. (Updated Mon 23rd Oct @10:18am)
1) There are over 600 photos going up on the Running in Cork Facebook page
...a) Start of the 5k
...b) Finish of the 5k
...c) Start of the 10k
...d) Finish of the 10k
2) Mick Dooley of Eagle AC has a small gallery HERE
3) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has two galleries... 10k start ... 10k at Curraheen Bridge 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Looking ahead to the Rebel Run 10k & 5k...Sun 22nd Oct 2017

The big race in Cork this weekend is the Rebel Run 10k & 5k on Sun 22nd of October. At the moment, the course is clear and it's going ahead. Just remember to check on Saturday evening in case any trees have come down to make sure everything is still ok.

Please note that this event has sold out and there are no entries on the day.

Details from Cork Sports Partnership...
All registered participants should now have received their Event Information Pack for this Sunday's Cork Rebel Run by email. If you have not yet received your Event Information Pack, please email and we will resend.

Please note the following Sign In times for this year's Rebel Run Events.
- Friday October 20th 5pm - 7pm
- Saturday October 21st 12pm - 2pm
- Sunday October 22nd 8am - 9am

Sign In will take place in the Track Stand at CIT (Red Brick Building)
Ample Parking is available in CIT car park for Sign In and on the morning of the event. 

More info on the 10k route HERE

5k map HERE

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Met Eireann issue Orange weather alert for Sat 21st Oct 2017

At 2pm on Thurs 19th Oct, Met Eireann have issued an Orange weather alert for next Saturday the 21st of October 2017.

The storm in the mid-Atlantic has been given the name Brian and is expected to pass over Ireland on Saturday morning. The strong winds in Cork are likely to be from the West whereas the winds from ex-hurricane Ophelia were from the South and the South-West.

Following on from the damage done by Ophelia, there is a potential for more fallen trees, branches and power cuts. It won't be as strong as Ophelia though.

If you are going to any event, please check the status before traveling.

Update Fri 8am : At the moment, the parkrun in Ballincollig, Macroom and Glengarriff are cancelled. The run in Ballinacurra is cancelled. The Rebel Run on Sunday is going ahead as planned.

Results of the Ardfield 5k...Sun 15th Oct 2017

100 people turned out for this years 5k in Ardfield with about 70 runners and 30 walkers.

Full results below....

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ballincollig Regional Park closed for at least a week

Cork County Council announced yesterday that the Regional Park in Ballincollig is likely to be closed for at least a week. This will obviously impact on the 5k parkrun next Saturday, the 21st of October.

Update Thurs 19th Oct 2017 : The parkrun on the 21st of October is definitely cancelled. However, work has begun on clearing the trees.

There are at least 60 fallen trees in the park due to ex-Hurricane Ophelia which is pretty amazing considering it is in valley. It will obviously take Council staff some time to remove all fallen trees and other potentially dangerous branches.

Regional Park staff have asked members of the public to respect the closure notices until it is opened again. They issued the following on Facebook......."Park is closed for a reason. It will be for a few days. Obviously all tree care specialists are currently clearing roads 1st as higher priority to ensure public safety of those whom have to travel on them. Trying to tell people to stay out already grief from them. We are trying to stop you being injured even if you don't have self preservation in mind.
Broken tree limbs dangling over paths."

Over 90,000 households in Cork suffered a power supply loss storm Ophelia. Obviously council staff with tree cutting equipment will be busy working on roads around the county over the next week.

Many roads and paths blocked after Ex-Hurricane Ophelia

Now 48 hours after the remains of Hurricane Ophelia hit the country, many roads and paths around Cork are still blocked. Outside of Cork City, many large urban population centres were without power for 24-48 hours and it's very likely that it will take several days to get to all the smaller rural areas.

Around Cork City, many trees are down. The photo above shows the old railway path in Blackrock with a fallen tree and electricity wires on the ground. This was taken on Tuesday the 17th of October.

With the weekend coming up, there are a number of events on but it's probably best to check that they are not cancelled before traveling. If you live in Cork City, you may not be fully aware of just how bad it is out in parts of the countryside at the moment.

I'll put up info about events cancelled or going ahead towards the end of the week.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Batt Kearney hits 100 parkruns...

Batt Kearney is probably one of the few runners that attend nearly all the races in Cork. If there is an event on then he is almost sure to be there.

Last Saturday, Batt completed his 100th 5k parkrun in Macroom.

Results & Photos of the Ballincollig 5k parkrun... Sat 14th Oct 2017

A total of 253 people turned out for the 70th edition of the Ballincollig 5k parkrun on Saturday the 14th of Oct 2017.

1 Conor DOLAN    18:09    SM30-34    M1    Galway City Harriers
2 Morgan O'REGAN    18:50    VM40-44    M2    Midleton AC
3 Damien GERAGHTY    19:26    SM30-34    M3    Sportsworld
24 Sophie FOLEY    21:56    JW11-14    F1
25 Margaret JONES    21:57    VW45-49    F2    Midleton AC
29 Louise SHEEHAN    22:21    VW40-44    F3    Ballincollig Athletic Club

Full results

1) The organisers have a gallery HERE and on Facebook HERE
2) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has a gallery HERE 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Guest Article on the Ballycotton '10' Claire Healy

The following article was sent in by Brian Healy and is an account of the Ballycotton 10 mile race written by his daughter Claire back in 2014. It gives a nice account of the event and as can be seen from the title, it was written well before there was any hint that the race might ever come to an end.

BALLYCOTTON 10 WILL RUN AND RUN... By Claire Healy (2014)
Runners are penned into the very tip of the cul-de-sac village, the island looms in the background, the Ballycotton Lighthouse and its red beacon at rest on this sunny afternoon. The start of the Ballycotton 10  road race is something to behold.

Start of the Ballycotton 10 mile road race. Photo: John Hennessy

It’s the biggest day of the year for the sleepy fishing spot on the east Cork coast. Almost 3,000 runners pour out, and later back in, the Bog Road, which links the isolated coastline to the outside world.

The village  bears little resemblance to its ordinary stature. Locals line the main street clapping and cheering their annual visitors, their musical Cork accents guiding the runners through the gentle hills and rambling roads.

The race entered its 37th year this March. An extraordinary event that, compared to the scale of the venue, is bigger than the New York marathon.

In an era where more and more people are abandoning the gym and hitting the roads, Ballycotton saw 2571 runners of all levels take on their route. There were 2617 finishers in 2012 and 2601 in 2013. In most normal races, a decline in finishers could be considered a drop in popularity but that certainly can’t be said for the Ballycotton 10 when online entries sold out in 90 minutes last December.
The slight drop could be attributed to the change in the entry process and simply the number of people not turning up on the day. It’s remarkably consistent and the organisers can be reasonably sure that if the same entry criteria applies next year, Ballycotton will see 2,500 to 2,600 runners turn up in March of 2015.

It’s one of the few big races that doesn’t award a finisher’s T-shirt. Ask any athlete, or their significant other, and that familiar grumble that can only come with the experience of a graveyard of vintage race t-shirts at the bottom of the wardrobe ensues.

Instead Brian Healy’s dishwasher plays host to 14 years’ worth of commemorative mugs. The race is the reason he and his family live in the village. Originally coming across the Ballycotton 10 on his athletic travels around Ireland, from their first visit the Healys fell in love and nine years later they came to call the village home. 12 years after his first race, his son Dáire joined him on the start line.
“It’s a tradition…of 37 years. It never fails to astound me how a small voluntary group of people can put on such a professional event, how a local community can assist in the organisation of an event. It doesn’t feel like a big commercial race, it keeps its community feel and you know that the sun will always shine at some stage, it’s part of the day. The village the next day is like nothing ever happened” Brian said.

If it wasn’t for the race, Ballycotton might only be known for notable lifeboat rescues, Dáire notes, mentioning the famous Daunt Rock rescue in 1936 by the Mary Stanford lifeboat, “that or Divine Rapture,” he laughs.

Divine Rapture could have done with the Mary Stanford lifeboat, it was such an ill-fated venture. For two weeks the village welcomed Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp and the Hollywood elite, before it emerged that there was no money behind the project and they promptly packed up. Thankfully the race has seen more success.

Dáire concurs; “it gives Ballycotton something to be proud of, and the people something big and important to be part of. We might be one of the smallest villages in Cork, but we run the biggest race, and a personal one at that.”

John “Mr Ballycotton” Walshe is a familiar face on the athletics scene in Cork and indeed around the country. An obliging and humble character, he is the main cog in the slick machine that is the Ballycotton 10. Whether it’s putting up signs, painting the mile markers onto the road, no stone is left unturned by the race organiser. He knows what makes a good race and ensures that he and his team put on the best day possible for the runners, travelling and local alike.

John Walshe (second left) and Brian Healy (far right) visiting marathon stalwart Ron Hill’s 5km following his Ballycotton visit.

A visible presence since the race’s first outing, today’s race would be unrecognisable to the 31 men who ran in 1978, while much remains the same, down to the work of John and his team.
“The ten mile route hasn’t changed and it still offers the same challenge as it did to those 31 pioneering runners all those years ago. The race organisation, now a massive operation, remains a truly voluntary effort and we still provide the same basic value for money service – a true race on an accurate course with full results for all” he says.

A look at the Glengarriff 5k parkrun...

The Glengarriff parkrun began at the start of 2016 and attracted a lot of runners from the local area. As the novelty died away, the numbers have fallen to about 30 or so per week other than some peaks due to Operation Transformation and the Summer tourist season.

One of the problems with Glengarriff is that the village has a population of only about 1,000 people. As only a percentage of these would have any interest in a 5k parkrun, the local pool of runners is quite small.

The larger catchment area would include the towns of Bantry (pop 3,000) and Kenmare (pop 2,000) but this would require a round trip of about an hour for most runners.

It's not all about numbers of course but in general, the more runners that take part, the bigger the pool from which to get volunteers. The current event director has now stepped down and the future of the parkrun is in some doubt unless someone else takes on the role.

You can see the statement from Glengarriff parkrun below...

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

€100k grant announced for Clonakilty Greenway

Last week, some €21 million in funding was announced under the Government Town and Village Renewal Scheme. From the grants announced for Cork, one was for €100,000 for the new proposed Greenway in Clonakilty.

The new Greenway will connect the town of Clonakilty with the Business and Technology Park which is just off the N71 road to Bandon. Approximately 800 people currently work in the Park which is situated about 3kms from Clonakilty.

The new Greenway will be suitable for walkers, runners and cyclists and it is hoped that it will offer alternative way to commute in fine weather. It will of course be great for local runners as it's not safe to run on the hard shoulder of the N71 at present and this provides a safer option.

The route should also incorporate Gullane Lake where a community forest is currently being planted. Several native Irish species such as oak, birch, alder, hazel and cherry trees will be planted and will probably take some time to mature. In the long term however, this should be a valuable asset to this West Cork town.

1) Southern Star...Greenway for Clon gets the Green light

Less than 50 places left for the Rebel Run in Cork City

Update Wed 11th Oct : NOW CLOSED

There seems to be a lot of interest in this years Rebel Run 10k & 5k in Cork City which is coming up on Sunday the 22nd of October 2017. When I put up the race notice at the end of September, I noticed that there was a surge of visitors to the website and the associated Facebook page to look for info the event.

As of yesterday (9th Oct), there are now fewer than 50 places left. If you are interested then sign up asap.  More info in this previous post.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Irish results from the 2017 Chicago Marathon

The annual Chicago Marathon was held on the 8th of October 2017 and there was no shortage of Irish runners there.

The Irish results are listed below (Cork & Munster runners in Bold)

The Ballycotton 10 Mugs...and the elusive 1983 one!

One of the unique features of the Ballycotton 10 mile road race was the mug which was given out at the end to all finishers. While some of the newer runners might have preferred say a dry fit top, the Ballycotton 10 mug has a long history and many people now have a collection of them.

I have my own collection of them as well from down through the years. I'd guess that since the news of the demise of the Ballycotton '10', people will probably be a bit more careful with theirs.

Jerry Forde's Ballycotton Collection
I was out in Jerry Forde's house a few months back and I took a photo of his collection. As you can see, he has a fair few Ballycotton '10' mugs and Summer Series plaques from years past.

Over the years, the designs have changed. Some were more like cups rather than mugs. Different years, different designs with different sponsors.

One of the more unusual years was that of 1983. The photo below shows the mug belonging to Danny McCarthy of Midleton AC.

It looks normal enough except for the fact that the mugs weren't properly fired that year and the writing disappeared with the first wash! It's likely that this is one of the few that managed to survive intact. Does anyone else have another one?

Club transfers...Sept 2017

Athletics Ireland recently released a list which shows the transfers between clubs and it can be seen HERE.

This is done twice a year after a 6 month window. Note that the list shows juveniles as well as adults so the number of people changing clubs is pretty small.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Results of the Rosscarbery 5k - Sat 7th Oct 2017

A total of 122 runners turned out for this years Rosscarbery 5k road race on Saturday the 7th of October 2017.

1 Eric Curran Leevale AC M 15:31
2 Padraig Sheehan Clonakilty Road Runners M 17:37
3 Ciaran Bouse Eagle AC M 17:41
1 Carmel Crowley Bandon AC F40 19:16
2 Anna O'Neill Doheny AC F40 20:07
3 Ronnie Barry Bandon AC F40 20:13

The full results are HERE

1) Danielle McCarthy has a gallery HERE
2) Dan O'Connell has a gallery HERE 

Results & photos of the Ballincollig 5k parkrun...Sat 7th Oct 2017

Almost 300 people turned out for this weeks 5k parkrun in Ballincollig Regional Park.  As can be seen from the chart above, this was above average and might have been a follow on from the VHI promotion last week.

1 John GOGGIN    18:04    VM35-39    M1
2 Bryan CROWLEY    18:22    VM40-44    M2    Watergrasshill AC
3 Brian MURPHY    18:31    VM35-39    M3
5 Emma MURPHY    18:47    SW30-34    F1
17 Claire O' BRIEN    21:00    SW30-34    F2    Watergrasshill AC
30 Margaret JONES    22:09    VW45-49    F3    Midleton AC


1) Joe Murphy of Eagle AC has a gallery HERE
2) The organisers have a gallery HERE 

Thursday, October 05, 2017

End of the road for the Ballycotton 10 and the Summer Series

Ballycotton Running Promotions have announced that the Ballycotton 10 mile road race and the Ballycotton Summer Series is coming to an end.

This will no doubt come as a shock to many in the local running community as these races were hugely popular with many runners.

The full statement is below...

(Issued at 17.00 on 05/10/2017)

It is with regret and no doubt a certain amount of sadness that we wish to announce that the Ballycotton ‘10’, the Summer 5-Mile Series and other events organised by Ballycotton Running Promotions have come to an end.

Whilst this will be received with shock and surprise by the running community at large, the decision to call a halt to our promotions is something that has occupied the thoughts of our committee for the past year or more.

Seven months ago we celebrated the 40th running of the Ballycotton ‘10’ and the symbolic date of Sunday March 12th – the exact date of the original race – may have given an indication of our intentions from this time of last year.

At a special and well-attended meeting in Ballycotton last night and after a long discussion the decision was unanimously agreed that our races should come to an end forthwith - on our own terms and before circumstances outside our control dictated so.

For anyone familiar with the geographical locations of our races, the problems logistically of organising the events are all too apparent. Parking has been one of our major worries. It may come as a surprise to many that, for the past two years due to weather conditions, the possibility of the Ballycotton ‘10’ having to be cancelled was a live issue up to 24 hours before the race.

With new proposed traffic regulations on the way, the staging of an event with up to 3,000 runners in a village with just one road in and out would prove insurmountable. These problems, to a lesser extent, are also evident in the summer races where we are again at the mercy of the weather as regards parking and facilities.

Unlike other such races which are organised by athletic clubs and the like who have a huge supply of members to call on, we are just a small promoting group. But for the assistance we have received from outside bodies over the years it would have been impossible to put on five major events each year.   

Due to busy lifestyles nowadays, help is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. Unfortunately, the age profile of the voluntary committee members and those willing to give of their time is a lot higher than it was when we started out. Also, some participants today are more demanding than in the past and it goes without saying that social media now plays a major role in those demands.

Since our first race, we have had a simple 100% ethos and aim which was manifested in all our races – to provide a well-organised, value for money event for runners of all abilities. Even though we are slow to sing our own praises, we can proudly say we have played a defining role in the popularity and promotion of running events so evident today.  

Road racing in general is now certainly in a far better place than it was back in 1977 when 34 runners took part in our first five-mile race, just one of four road races in total held in the Cork region that summer.

Since that August evening four decades ago, 40 Ballycotton ‘10’ races, 156 Summer 5-Mile races, 60 Shanagarry ‘5K’ (summer and winter) events along with over 80 smaller local races from our early days have taken place. 

Each of those road races had a definite start and finish line. Now, the finish line has finally been reached for Ballycotton Running Promotions and its events. It has been a long and winding road, a road filled with many memories and stories, and a road that has enriched the lives of thousands from far and near.

We conclude by expressing a deep-felt sense of gratitude to all those who have journeyed with us along that road, in whatever capacity, over the forty years of Ballycotton races.

Ballycotton Running Promotions

Athletics Ireland release club membership stats for the end of Sept 2017

Athletics Ireland have just released the membership stats as of the end of September 2017. As we approach the end of the year, club membership tends to slow down a lot as people just generally wait until January and join for a complete year.

In terms of adult membership in clubs in Cork, Mallow AC are still on top with 226 members. As the chart shows below, some clubs are up year on year, some are steady and some are down.

The chart below shows the medium sized clubs with between 40 and 100 adult members...

One of the big changes in recent years is that more clubs have popped up, especially in more rural areas. Some of these will attract people that would have never joined a club otherwise.

The next one shows the smaller clubs with between 10 and 40 members.

As always, numbers aren't everything. Some clubs like East Cork AC are more involved in the serious side of running and their numbers are small as a result. The charts above just show the relative sizes of each club, not how good or bad they are.

The charts also don't show non-AAI clubs like Happy Feet and the Wibbly Wobbly Wonders who are very successful with their own programmes.

The full figures for all the clubs in the country can be seen on the Athletics Ireland website.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Rebel Run Early Bird Entries extended until Midnight Sun 8th October

I put up a post at the end of Sept about the upcoming Rebel Run 10k & 5k in Cork City and it got a lot of hits and views. It seems as if there is a fair bit of interest in it.

Cork Sports Partnership have now extended the closing date for cheaper early bird entries until Sun 8th Oct. The Early Bird Prices are ...- 10k price: €15, - 5k price: €10 ....and that includes a dry fit top.

The Rebel Run 10k & 5k will be held in Bishopstown, Cork City on Sunday the 22nd of October at 9:30am.

For more info, see this previous post.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Notice...Rosscarbery Steam Engine 5k in West Cork - Sat 7th Oct 2017


From the organisers....‘Rosscarbery Steam Engine’ 5km Fun Run on October 7th supporting two Local Charities Lisheens House and Owenahincha Bay Water Safety Association

Now in it’s seventh year, the Annual Rosscarbery Steam Engine 5km Fun Run will take place on Saturday October 7th at 5pm. This race has been growing in popularity every year and in 2016 was voted the Second Best 5K in Cork! This year the organisers are hoping to make it the best in Cork!
The run is named in honour of the one-time Irish and USA Champion 400-metres champion runner T.J. O’Mahony aka The Steam Engine and is a 5km (3.1 miles in total) double circuit of the scenic lagoon in Rosscarbery.

Togher AC Couch to 5k programme for beginners...Starts Tues 24th Oct 2017

This might be of interest to any beginners out there. Togher AC are holding a 9 week Couch to 5k programme in Cork City and it starts on Tuesday the 24th of October 2017.

As you can see from the flyer above, it cost €30 and they train 3 times a week. The main evening will be on Tuesdays. If interested, contact Claire Dunne by email... clairecdunne AT gmail DOT com

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Photos of the Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile race...Sun 1st Oct 2017

A total of 745 runners turned out for this years Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race. As can be seen from the chart above, this is pretty much in line with the average of about 750 for the last 10 years.

1 Colin Merritt 0/45B M1 01:23:13 Army
2 Mark Smith M2 01:25:10
3 Michael Corbett 0/40A M3 01:25:18 Musgrave
9 Clare McCarthy 0/40I F1 01:30:09 APEX
69 Sinead Paley 0/45J F2 01:43:10 Bumbleance
80 Ellen Hanley 0/40I F3 01:44:46 Avondhu MF

The full results can be seen HERE

Claire McCarthy...first woman home

Photos...(Updated Mon 2nd Oct 11:42pm)
1) There will be 3 albums up on the Running in Cork Facebook page
...a) Album 1 of 3...approx 150 pics.
...b) Album 2 of 3...approx 150 pics
...c) Album 3 of 3...approx 150 pics
2) Andy O'Rourke Photography has 4 albums with roughly 40 pics in each one.
...Album 1 ... Album 2 ... Album 3 ... Album 4 ...
3) Michael Buckley has a gallery HERE
4) Susan Parker Laste has a gallery HERE 
5) Anthony Power has a small gallery HERE

Ardfield 5k race on Sun 1st Oct 2017 CANCELLED

Please note that the Ardfield 5k on Sun 1st Oct 2017 has been cancelled due to poor visibility and localised flooding on the course.

If you know of anyone intending to travel, please let them know.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Results & Photos of the Ballincollig 5k parkrun...Sat 30th Sept 2017

There was a big jump in numbers for this weks 5k parkrun in Ballincollig Regional Park with 370 people taking part. As can be seen from the chart above, this was the highest since the boost from Operation Transformation back in at the start of the year.

From what I understand, this weeks jump was largely due to a VHI promotion.

1 Rory O' SULLIVAN    17:14    VM40-44    M1    St Finbarrs AC
2 Michael BUCKLEY    17:55    VM40-44    M2
4 Unknown   
3 Emma MURPHY    18:40    SW30-34    F1
9 Orlaith MURPHY    19:53    JW11-14    F2
27 Mary SWEENEY    21:57    VW55-59    F3    St Finbarrs AC

The full results are HERE

1) The organisers have a gallery HERE
2) Joe Murphy has a gallery HERE

Updated Club entry list for the 2017 Dublin City Marathon...

Athletics Ireland have just released the club entry list for the 2017 Dublin City Marathon.

Updated 29th Sept...It can be viewed HERE

The breakdown of entry by clubs in Cork is as follows...

Abbey Striders 54???...Some of the runners seem to be Dublin based so most likely an error.

Eagle AC 50, Grange Fermoy AC 38, St.Finbarr's AC 36, Watergrasshill AC 33, Mallow AC 25,

Midleton AC 19, Clonakilty Road Runners 17, Rosscarbery Steam Runners 17, North Cork AC 15, Aghada 14, Bweeng Trailblazers 13, Ballintotis Fit4Life 13, Youghal AC 12, Donoughmore AC 11,  Carraig na bhFear 11, Ballymore Cobh 10,

Carrigtwohill 8,  Leevale AC 7,  Galtee Runners 7, Bandon AC 6, St.Catherines AC 6, Tracton AC 6, Dromahane RR 4, Bantry AC 3, Togher AC 3,  Carrigaline RR 3, Fota Island RC 2, Old Abbey AC 2, St.Nicholas AC 2, Duhallow AC 2, Riverstick/Kinsale 1.

Note from the Athletics Ireand website : If you have entered the Dublin Marathon and your name does not appear on the National Marathon Championships List, please contact competition AT athleticsireland DOT ie to be included in the Results of the National Championships.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Photos of the CBS Primary 5k run in Mitchelstown...Thurs 28th Sept 2017

The annual CBS Primary 5k in Mitchelstown was held in really wet conditions on Thursday the 28th of September 2017.

Gerard O'Sullivan was an hand to take some photos and they can be seen HERE

Looking ahead to the Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race...Sun 1st Oct 2017

The main race in Cork this weekend is the annual Cork BHAA Cork to Cobh 15 mile road race on Sunday, the 1st of October. Note that the Montenette Hotel will not be in use for this race.

Entries on the day cost €20 and will be taken at Union Chandlery on Alfred St. There are no changing facilities. They will transport gear bags from there to the finish line in Cobh.

The race starts at 9:30am.

In 2017, race HQ is on Alfred St

Course...Starting at St.Patricks Church, you run past the railway station and towards the Dunkettle roundabout....up over the flyover by the tunnel......then taking a left and onto the old road which passes Glounthaune church.Then onwards towards the main roundabout before Carrigtwohill and then take the bridge over the main road and head towards Fota, Belvelly bridge and on into Cobh. The finish is close to the main square in the centre of Cobh. Overall, there are a few small hills but nothing major, just one pull at 12 miles near the old IFI plant and another smaller one before 14 miles.

Overall, it is pretty flat for the first ten miles or so with the hardest sections coming in the last five.

Transport......Please note that you have to make your own way back to Cork City.
Options - You probably have a few options in terms of transport...
1) Two cars...take 2 cars to Cobh, leave one in Cobh and drive up to Cork
2) Train...Note that there are maintenance works on the line so there will be no trains running. There WILL however be a replacement bus service.

The train timetable shows it will leave the train station in Cobh for Cork City at 12:30, 1:30, 3:00 and 4:30 pm depending on long you want to stay around after the race. This may vary with the replacement bus service. They said to expect delays.

Pace......If you are going for a specific time in the Dublin City Marathon in four weeks time, then it's an ideal chance to test your target marathon pace. Say your target for Dublin is 3h 30m.....then you could run Cork to Cobh at 8 min per mile pace. If you arrive in Cobh and you're comfortable then 3h 30m is a realistic target. If you're exhausted after 15 miles at that pace then you should think about a more realistic target. If you add in a warm up of a few miles beforehand then all the better. It will give you a more accurate appraisal.

Race.....Just remember that the last third is the hardest. Over the years, many people get to the Belvelly Bridge by Fota tired and then struggle over the last 5 miles. Going slightly slower in the early stages will pay off in the later stages in this race. Avoid going off too fast at the start.

Weather........(Updated Sat 30th Sept @12noon).....The forecast is a bit hit and miss. It might be dry but the rain is never too far away. Temp in the low teens. Expect a pretty reasonable south-westerly breeze. This will be behind the runners for most of the race but it may be an issue in exposed areas between the bridge near Fota to the old IFI plant (miles 10 to 12).

Addendum : 
Train Notice
Bus Transfers between Cork/Cobh 29th September to 2nd October
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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Notice...Rebel Run 10k & 5k in Cork City - Sun 22nd Oct 2017

This 10 km & 5km road race is coming up in Bishopstown on Sunday, the 22nd of October 2017 at 9:30am.

This is going to be of interest to a lot of people for a number of reasons.....
1) There aren't that many 10k races really on the calendar. Loads of 5k and 5 mile races but fast 10k courses are a bit thin on the ground.
2) In Bishopstown in Cork City so it is central to a lot of people.
3) Dry-fit top included in the early entry fee for both the 5k and 10k.

Early Bird entry fee:
Cork Rebel Run 10K - €15 (includes souviner t-shirt, goody bag, chip timing, bib number)
Rebel Run 4 Fun 5K - €10 (includes souviner t-shirt goody bag, chip timing, bib number)

Early bird offer closes on midnight October 8th.

Late entry fees:
Cork Rebel Run 10K- €20
Rebel Run 4 Fun 5k - €15

The Cork Rebel Run will take place on Sunday October 22nd 2017 @ 9.30am

ENTRIES >>> You can enter online HERE

Update 10th Oct...Fewer than 50 places left now. 

Update 11th Oct...NOW CLOSED

From Cork Sports Partnership...Cork Sports Partnership recently launched the 2017 Rebel Run at the CIT Athletics Track with new sponsors Cork City Council and Cork County Council. The Cork Rebel Run will take place on Sunday October 22nd 2017 from CIT in Bishopstown.

Cork Sports Partnership along with event partners LeisureWorld Bishopstown and Cork Institute of Technology - CIT are delighted to have both Cork City Council and Cork County Council on board for 2017 and look forward to working with them in the lead up to the event.

Speaking of the launch, Lord Mayor Cllr Tony Fitzgerald said he “is delighted that Cork City Council is supporting the Rebel Run and encouraging increased levels of physical activity, which may even lead to participating in the Cork City Marathon next June.” Similarly “Deputy Chief Executive of Cork County Council, Declan Daly, mentioned how happy the Council is to again be a part of The Cork Rebel Run. “The positive impact physical activity of any kind has on mental health and wellbeing at all ages is hugely significant and it is an area that Cork County Council is concentrating on more and more".

The 2017 event promises to be a great experience, with the course being accurately measured by Jones counter, chip timing for all runners, a scenic rolling course & goody bags including your 2017 Cork Rebel Run T-shirt. The 10K event also has a huge array of prizes up for grabs on the day, and will prove attractive to runners of all levels and abilities. Participant spot prizes will also be given to the 5K participants. The organising partners of Cork Sports Partnership, Leisureworld and CIT with the assistance of the An Garda Síochána and Athletics Ireland hope that friends & family will come along on the day, cheering from the grandstand to support the runners in the final straight.

Online registration is currently open and an Early Bird offer is available until October 1st- so register today and get your training under way! For details of the event and how to enter go to #RebelRun

The closing date for ONLINE enteries is Midnight Thursday 19th October 2017- or when the maximum number of participants is reached i.e 800. There will be NO registration facility on the morning of the event.

Courses......There are some changes but the basic loop of the 10k is still the same as before and can be seen HERE

The 5k course starts with the 10k, takes in the walkway riverside behind CIT and finishes on the track as well. Approx 5k course HERE

The race is organised is association by Cork Sports Partnership and their race website is HERE 

Stephen Scully (Recreation and Amenity Dept, Cork City Councill) Mai O Leary (CIT Sports Department) Kristine Meenaghan (Cork Sports Partnership) Claire Hurley (Cork Sports Partnership) Aoife Twohig (Leisureworld) Anthony Buckley (Physical Activity and Wellbeing Officer, Cork County Council)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Defibrillator in Ballyvolane saves man's life...

First off, this news item is a little dated but still worth mentioning all the same. Back in March of 2016, I had a post up about the Wibbly Wobbly Wonders Running Group and how they were fundraising €6,000 for a new defibrillator. The funds were duly raised and a brand new defibrillator was installed on the wall of Fox & Hounds bar in Ballvolane, close to where the club trains.

In June of 2017, the very same unit was used to save a man's life.

If anyone is interested in doing a Sports First Aid course which include defibrillator training, then Cork Sports Partnership are organising three in the near future. The first one is in Bishopstown next Saturday, the 30th of September. This might be of interest to any clubs looking to train up some of their members.

Click HERE for more details.

More progress on the Midleton to Youghal Greenway...

Back in late 2016, I had a post up about how Iarnród Éireann were proposing to abandon the old Midleton to Youghal railway line due to maintenance costs. This raised the possibility of it being turned into a Greenway.

At the East Cork Municipality meeting for councilors last week, formal approval was given for the proposed Midleton to Youghal Greenway plan to go forward for public consultation. This should appear over the next few weeks.

The success of the recent Waterford Greenway has certainly given a boost to a lot of other Greenway projects around the country with many communities are now asking if it can be replicated in their own areas. The Waterford Greenway seems to be very popular and there was a good article recently in the Irish Independent about it HERE.

If you consider that the Waterford Greenway runs between Waterford City (pop 53,000) and Dungarvan (pop 8,000), imagine what the new East Cork Greenway might be like with the Greater Cork Metropolitan area on its doorstep with a population of some 400,000? How many people are likely to use it for walking, cycling or running at the weekend? How many cafés would benefit? Bike hire shops? Hotels and B&B's? Imagine what the economic return would be on a new Greenway that is low maintenance and all for a projected cost of €6 million.

The biggest objections to the Greenway project are likely to come from people who wish to see the return of the old rail link from Midleton to Youghal. When the railway was extended from Glounthaune to Carrigtwohill and Midleton back in 2009, it cost in the region of €130 million for the 10km line. What would it cost now for a 22km rail link from Midleton to Youghal? €200 million? €300 million? Would any government seriously spend that kind of money considering that building relief roads around places like Castlemartyr and Killeagh would probably have a much bigger impact.

After the recent meeting, a local East Cork politician Cllr Mary Linehan Foley said “If we don’t take this Greenway project, there’s nothing going to happen to the railway between Youghal and Midleton. It’s never going to reopen as a railway line.”

And I suspect she is probably correct. If the rail objectors get their way, the old line is just going to sit there unused for another 40 years. Invest €6 million now and the whole East Cork region will get a financial boost for the foreseeable future.

Will we see the East Cork Greenway Half-Marathon sometime in 2023?

1) East Cork Journal article

John Robinson...parkrunner of the month for Sept 2017

After every race in the Ballycotton Summer Series, John Robinson of Mallow AC works out the overall positions for everyone. He has done this for many years and provides a invaluable service to the running community.

While John's racing days might be behind him, he has found a new lease of life with his running by taking part in 5k parkruns. He was recently nominated as parkrunner of the month for the Tralee parkrun and the article is HERE

National Geographic programme on the Sub 2-Hour Marathon attempt

National Geographic recently released this fascinating video about the 2017 attempt at running a marathon in under two hours. The 55 minute programme follows three world class athletes as they prepare for the attempt. The performance of Eliud Kipochoge in particular. is pretty amazing.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

FitWalk Gathering in Douglas, Cork City...Sun 1st Oct

For any beginners out there or anyone who just wants to start an exercise regime. Cork Sports Partnership are holding a fitWalk Gathering in Nemo Rangers GAA club in Cork City on Sunday the 1st of October as part of theie Cork Walking Week.

From Cork Sports Partnership...As part of Cork Walking Week we are hosting a fitWALK Gathering in Nemo Rangers GAA club on Sunday Oct 1st between 3pm & 5pm.

What we hope to do during the session is showcase a number of fitWALK activities such as the fleetfeet programme, Nordic walking and other walking opportunities available in Cork currently.  We have invited Rob Heffernan along to the session to meet and greet with people, and hopefully he will showcase a race-walking activity also. Not only is Rob Heffernan an Olympic Hero in race-walking but he is a fantastic advocate for promoting participation in sport, exercise and physical activity in Cork.

Cork Sports Partnership is delighted that Rob has taken time out of his busy schedule to attend our event, and further promote walking as a fantastic way to get active!  He has done extensive work in schools, clubs and communities to promote the importance of being physically active and we hope that he will highlight some of these achievements on Sunday next Oct 1st.

Pre-Registration Only- you can register HERE

We will take registrations up until Friday Sept 29th.

Open Night for Midleton AC on Wed 27th Sept 2017

Midelton AC are holding an open night on Wed 27th Sept 2017 for anyone in the area interested in seeing what the club has to offer.

The meeting place will be at My Place on the Mill Road.