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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Race notice...Crosshaven 8 km road race - Wed 30th Apr 2014

This a brand new race on the calendar and should be of interest to a lot of people. First off, Crosshaven is only a short drive from Cork City and Carrigaline and secondly, it's a lovely spot for a race.

The entry fee is €10 and you can pre-register if you want to. You can also of course enter on the day. The race has an Athletics Ireland licence and has been properly measured by Jones Counter. The race starts at 7:30pm.

As for the race course, it is a little different in that it's 8 kms as opposed to 5 miles so it's like the GR8KM in Mitchelstown in that respect. The race starts in the square...up to Camden....back down....out past the Yacht Club and back to the finish in the square.

If it's a sunny evening then it should be a great spot for a race. More info on...

More info in later posts...

Results of the Ballintotis 4 mile road race...Wed 16th Apr 2014

An amazing 1,010 runners turned out for this year's Ballintotis 4 mile road race in East Cork on Wed 16th Apr. Last year, the figure was a record 835 so to increase a further 21% is very impressive.

1 19:31    MCCARTHY, James    East Cork AC    M    04:52.7
2 19:46    SHEAHAN, Colm    Leevale AC    M    04:56.4
3 19:52    O'DONOGHUE, Tim    East Cork AC    M    04:57.9
48 24:07    HOLLAND, Ann-Marie    St. Finbarrs AC    F35    06:01.6
55 24:33    NAGLE, Deirdre    Eagle AC    F35    06:08.1
56 24:36    CASHMAN, Evelyn    Youghal AC    F40    06:08.9

Results.....The full results can be seen HERE 
(52% male, 48% female)

1) Birthday boy Doug Minihane has great set of 400+ photos HERE 
2) Kieran Minihane has a gallery HERE 
3) The organisers have a gallery by Tim Troy on their own community website 

Update from The Organisers...Thanks to all who took part in last evening's Ballintotis 4 Mile Road Race - hope you all enjoyed the event. Just a note to those who entered later in the evening and did not receive their t shirt - we have contact details for you and will distribute the extra t shirts at the Midleton 5 Mile Road Race on Thursday May 1st - and at a further upcoming event if necessary. Again many thanks to all....John Cashman/Sean Murphy

Event notice...MMRA Claragh Mountain, Millstreet...Sun 20th Apr 2014

The next race organised by the Munster Mountain Running Association is in Millstreet on Easter Sunday the 20th of April 2014. The 7 km race will start in the town at 7pm and run to the summit of Claragh Mountain and back.

The race HQ is at the town hall which is opposite the church near the western end of Millstreet. As shown above on the map, it is near the GAA grounds. The yellow dots show the approx route...a mixture of road...trails through the woods and across the peat on the mountain.

Registration opens at 6pm. €10. Race time 7pm. Refreshments available afterwards

Please bring a filled out 2014 Membership form from if you haven't raced this year or bring your RACE NUMBER 2014 if you have one.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

World's coldest Marathon held last Monday 14th Apr 2014

The world's coldest marathon was held at Russia's Barneo ice station at the geographic North Pole last Monday the 14th of April 2014. The 26.2-mile (42.2km) race, in temperatures as low as -30C attracted 47 competitors from 20 countries. American Mike Wardian was first home in four hours, seven minutes and 40 seconds. Germany's Anne-Marie Flammersfeld won the women's event in a time of 4:52.45.

Video report from the BBC...

Blog extract #4 from Sonia O'Sullivan after running the Great Island 10 mile race last Sunday

The Great Island 10 mile road race was held in Cobh last Sunday the 13th of April and all proceeds from the race will go towards the Irish Cancer Society. One of those that took part in the race this year was the former World champion and Olympic silver medalist Sonia O'Sullivan. She has written a series of blog extracts for the organisers as she prepared for the race and now this is her post race report...

Blog extract from Sonia O'Sullivan..Pt 4...
Great Island 10 2014...The Great Island 10 didn't disappoint on Sunday, it was the perfect day for running and great to see so many loyal supporters of this Great event in Cobh, return to try to go better over the hills in Cobh.

It's not always about running fast times and setting Pb's, sometimes we need to run on country roads over rolling hills alongside beautiful scenery to get a different racing experience. There are so many races to choose from these days often in very close proximation. This requires the race to have something special or a cause close to people hearts to help make the decision where to race.

For me it is a little easier, the Great island run is in my home town and if I am home then I have no choice but to lace up the shoes and race around the streets. Though nowadays I don't always view it as racing just getting out and challenging myself and pushing myself a little just to remind me of those competitive days when the clock and anyone in the race was there to be beaten. I knew I was a little fitter this year than last so my main aim was to improve on last years time which was just under 70minutes. Last year it was such a challenge to break 70minutes I never dreamt that I wold enjoy the run as much as I did on Sunday.

I stood on the start line with the familiar faces from the local road racing scene, the ever present Mary Sweeney always a pleasure to meet on the road, always enjoying her running and so encouraging of others we wished each other well, with the most important message to each other, to enjoy the run and not be under any pressure. It would be very easy for me to feel like I should try to win the race in Cobh, but I have to be realistic and also I want to pace myself so I am less likely to take risks these days as I need to be smiling and happy when I get to the finish line. PB's are beyond me but running faster than my normal day to day running is satisfaction enough that I am not just jogging around but testing myself enough to feel like I have run a race and got something from it.

So I was very pleasantly surprised when I crossed the finish line, 6 minutes faster than last year. I couldn't believe it smiling and waving as we ran through the town made me wonder what made me so slow last year, maybe too much cycling and swimming.....this year I just keep the swimming and cycling topped up each week enough to allow me a rest from running everyday and enough to help strengthen my weaker muscles and allow me to run better and stronger and feel in control of my running.

I set my watch to record every mile so that I had little checkpoints along the way and the further I went and was able to maintain a steady pace just under 6:30 per mile the more confident I felt that I was going to post a good time, but what surprised me the most was the ease which I was able to do this as all my memories were of last year and really struggling in the final 2 miles and finding the hills so much harder.

As I was running along I was thinking of that Samuel Beckett quote which has been talked about recently talking of failure and trying again to fail better and to continue to try and try again. It wasn't that I failed last year but I set myself a benchmark, a target to aim for this year and all I wanted to do was to come back and run better .

So for all those first timers, don't say never again, but think I know I can do that better next year, you will know what to expect and you will know what to do to help prepare better . It will be very hard for me to improve again, but I am not afraid to try and hopefully it will be the Great Island Run again next year, it's nice to come home and race around the familiar roads from my youthful training days.
It was always Wednesday hills on that very loop, run along but try harder on the hills and each week improve and get up the hills better while relaxing in between and taking control of the run.

Well done to everyone that came and supported the Great Island 10, the Irish Cancer Society and all the sponsors without whom the race would be an even greater challenge to stage so successfully. To all the volunteers, friends and family who make this such a special day for the people of Cobh and particularly Rosslyn and Eamonn Crotty who dedicate their time to this race each year to ensure that research continues in the fight against Cancer.

Reminder & Course previews for the new Clonakilty 10 mile and 4 mile races next Mon 21st Apr

Just a reminder that the new 10 mile race in Clonakilty is coming up next Easter Monday the 21st of April...

A preview of the 10 mile course can be seen HERE

A preview of the 4 mile course can be seen HERE

You can pre-enter both races here...

More info....
Race HQ is the model railway village. You can register there on the day until 10:30am.
The 4 mile race starts 10 minutes after the 10 mile race. Start for the 4 mile race is in the Waterfront Car park which is just 2 minutes walk from the model village.
There will be tea and sandwiches afterwards in the Model Railway village
Both races are chip timed.
Prizes include category prizes.
Goodie bags for all at the end
Water stations for 10 mile race only

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nicola Duncan from Galway runs 5th fastest time for an Irish woman at the London Marathon

While most of the media was focused on Mo Farah last weekend and his performance at the London Marathon, there were of course plenty of Irish runners taking part. The star performance has to be that of Nicola Duncan aged 30 from Galway who ran an impressive 2:33:28. This was the 5th fastest time ever for a woman on the Irish all time list! Not only was she was first female club runner but she was over 6 minutes ahead of the next female club runner home. In comparison to the elite field, she actually finished ahead of the two fastest British women.

These were Nicola's impressive splits...
Split    Time    Diff    min/km    km/h
5K    17:45    17:45    03:33    16.91
10K    35:39    17:54    03:35    16.75
15K    53:40    18:01    03:37    16.66
20K    1:11:43    18:03    03:37    16.62
HALF    1:15:39    03:56    03:35    16.76
25K    1:29:45    14:06    03:37    16.60
30K    1:48:09    18:24    03:41    16.31
35K    2:06:42    18:33    03:43    16.16
40K    2:25:18    18:36    03:44    16.13
Finish    2:33:28    08:10    03:44    16.13

As a runner, Nicola Duncan seems to have come to the sport in her late 20's. Originally from Galway, Nicola has lived and worked as an actuary in Edinburgh for the last 8 years and now runs with the local Portobello Running Club. She obviously is a natural athlete as her transformation in the last few years has been remarkable.

Great Edinburgh Run 10k...40:58

2009.....Great Edinburgh Run 10k...39:58

2010.....Edinburgh Half-Marathon...83:27 and Edinburgh Marathon...2:58:46

2011.....Edinburgh Marathon...2:49:53

2012....In May of that year, Nicola ran the Edinburgh Marathon in 3:01:29 in a 'smurfette' t-shirt ;o) . She is interviewed later by a local paper and they write..."What training does she do ? "Not very much – I play tennis and only run once a week." But Duncan did admit to doing quite a bit of cross training – "I swim and do spin and body attack in the gym". And she did test her ability to complete the gruelling 26-plus miles with three separate outings over 16, 18 and 20 miles and "felt very comfortable".
Later in 2012, she ran half-marathons in 83:37 and 81:13 and the Munich Marathon in 2:53:13.

2013....Things really start to take off. At the end of the year, she runs a 10k  race in 33:48. Note that Fionnuala Britton ran the Great Ireland run recently in 33:54 albeit over a hilly Phoenix Park course. Over the half-marathon distance, Nicola ran four races in 76:29, 76:40, 76:50 and 77:59. In October of 2013, she ran 2:36:51 in the Amsterdam Marathon, inside the qualifying time of 2:38 for the European Championships.

And in 2014, the races results have been even more impressive although in truth, she is probably racing a bit too much ;o)

2nd Feb 2014...Watford Half-Marathon...74:46
16th Feb 2014...Barcelona Half-Marathon...72:15
2nd Mar 2014...Rosewell Lasswade 10 mile...56:58
9th Mar 2014...Inverness Half-Marathon...73:28
16th Mar 2014...Limassol Half-Marathon, Cyprus...74:09
.....and finally the London Marathon on the 13th of April 2014...2:33:34...5th fastest time ever by an Irish woman.

After looking at all of those times, I can't help wondering why she wasn't on the Irish team at the European Cross Country Championships last December? What a talent she is and she obviously has great endurance. Hopefully we'll see her making regular appearances in an Irish singlet in the near future.

Entries taken for the 2014 Bay Run Half-Marathon & 10k in Midleton...Wed 16th Apr 5-8pm

Just a quick note to say that the organisers of the Bay Run Half-Marathon and 10k will be taking entries at the leisure centre at the Midleton Park Hotel between 5pm and 8pm on Wednesday the 16th of April.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tech tops & preview of the Bay Run Half-Marathon...

Just to follow up on an earlier post, the Bay Run Half-Marathon is coming up on Sunday the 4th of May. This might be of interest to anyone wanting to take a break in West Cork over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The organisers have sent on the artwork for the dry fit top which they plan to give out. See below...

Preview.....One of the changes made to the Bay Run Half this year is the finish. Instead of the usual finish down into the town of Bantry, it will take a loop out around the coast alongside the bay itself.

More info on the half-marathon course in this preview .....and on the 10k HERE

More info can be found in this older post or on the Bay Run website...

Reminder...The summer season of road races in Cork starts next Wednesday in Ballintotis

From the organisers of the Ballintotis 4 mile race....The Ballintotis 4 Mile Road Race which takes place on this Wednesday evening April 16th at 8pm begins what is a hugely busy season of summer road races in Cork.  Last year 834 runners went to the start line in Ballintotis, making it one of the biggest 4 mile events in Munster.  The local committee are again looking forward to welcoming another large gathering to this picturesque venue which is located on the shores of Loughaderra lake,  just off the N25 between Castlemartyr and Midleton.

To facilitate participants, entries for the race will be open on this Tuesday evening from 5pm to 7pm at Ballintotis Community Centre, whilst entry desks will also open from 1pm onwards on Wednesday afternoon.

A non competitive walk also takes place beginning at 6.30pm.  Entry fee for both the race and the walk is 10 euro per person with each participant receiving a souvenir
 t shirt.

A generous prize list is on offer for the race including prizes for the top 6 men and top 6 ladies overall and 3 prizes in all categories.  The top prize for the first man and first lady across the finish line is 1 year free membership at the magnificent Castlemartyr Resort Leisure Centre.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – HERE’S SOME ANSWERS   ( Contact Race Co Ordinators on 086-8778182 for all other Enquiries etc.)

Car Parks...There are three main Car Parks for runners and walkers. Car Park B is located on the N25 at the Ballintotis Junction on the Midleton side of Loughaderra Lake.  Car Parks A and C are located on the side road, just off the N25 on the Castlemartyr side of the Lake. (These may change subject to weather conditions). Please follow the advice of the Gardai and Stewards at all times.
Entry Desks...Entry Desk located in Main Hall of Community Centre – Open from 5pm to 7pm on Tuesday and from 1pm onwards on Race Day.. Entry Fee is 10 euro. Please enter via the side door of the hall.
Tee Shirts...Each competitor will receive a free t shirt. These can be collected by leaving the hall after entering and proceeding to the collection in front of the Church.
Changing Facilities...A Marquee is located on the green adjacent to Church Car Park.  Physiotherapists from Midleton Holistic Centre will provide pre and post race advice and physio to runners.
Toilets...Toilets are located in the Church Car Park area and in the Community Centre.
Race Start/Finish...The race begins at 8pm sharp – the start line is approx 200meters from Church on way to Main Road.  The finish line is in front of the Church.
Water...Bottled water will be available immediately after the race.
Refreshments...Refreshments will be served after the race in the Community Centre. Please enter the Community Centre via the front door after the race. – A second marquee has been erected this year next to the Community Centre where runners can mingle after receiving their refreshments.
Prize Giving...Prize giving will take place in the Main Hall after the race at approx 9.30pm.
Spot Prizes...Runners should check the back of their race number to see if it includes a “spot prize winner’ label. If you are winner, please collect your prize from the stage area in the hall after the race.
Walk...The walk begins at 6.30pm sharp.  Entries will be taken in the Community Centre from 5.30pm onwards. Check the back of your number to see if you win a spot prize – these can be claimed at the stage in Community Centre after the race. Your souvenir tee shirt can be collected immediately after you enter from the collection point in front of the Church.  Refreshments served for all walkers from approx 7.50pm in Community Centre.

More information in this earlier post including a course preview.

Also a note.....if you take anything away from the notes above then it's the time! Get there early...allow loads of time for parking, entering, warming up and getting to the start line. Sunset is about 8:32pm and the race really needs to start on time.

Photographer Doug Minihane turns 50 :o)

After every race, one of the most popular items are the photographs as runners like to see if there are any pictures of themselves or of people they know.

One of the most regular photographers on the race circuit is Doug Minihane and he turns a big 50 today!

Have a good one Doug :o)

I should also mention that one of the other photographers at the races is Gearóid Ó Laoi. By coincidence, his birthday is also today!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Results of the Ballincollig Park 5k road race...Sun 13th Apr 2014

1st Kevin O'Brien       East Cork       16:43
2nd Alan O'Brien       Eagle AC        16:53
3rd Martin Curtin       St Finbarrs     17:38
1st     Aisling Moran   Leevale AC                18:21
2nd     Margaret Murphy         18:30
3rd     AnneMarie Power  Eagle AC       19:26

The full results can be seen HERE

Results of the Great Island 10 mile road race - Sun 13th Apr 2014

A large crowd of 568 runners turned out for this years Great Island 10 mile road race in Cobh. Conditions were absolutely perfect for the but not cold...and a gentle breeze.

The top men and women are shown below. You'll notice that Sonia O'Sullivan who finished last year in about 69 minutes has obviously been doing some extra training and finished this year in 3rd place in 63:26.

1    Colin MERRITT (358)     54:32     Ages 40-44  (1)     Male  (1)
2    John Meade (794)     55:12     Senior Men  (1)     Male  (2)
3    Elton Heffernan (731)     55:16     Senior Men  (2)     Male  (3)
4    Michael BUCKLEY (310)     57:36     Senior Men  (3)     Male  (4)
5    Gordon Cronin (740)     58:04     Senior Men  (4)     Male  (5)
6    Geoffrey CASEY (474)     58:17     Senior Men  (5)     Male  (6)
7    Eric BROWNE (860)     01:00:11     Senior Men  (6)     Male  (7)
9    Kenneth O'REGAN (258)     01:01:06     Senior Men  (7)     Male  (8)
10    Patrick BRUTON (197)     01:01:44     Ages 45-49  (1)     Male  (9)
11    Sheldon KIRKWOOD (804)     01:02:07     Senior Men  (8)     Male  (10)

8    Jill HODGINS (102)     01:00:46     01:00:43     Female 35-39  (1)     Female  (1)
15    Anne Marie HOLLAND (253)     01:02:40     Female 35-39  (2)     Female  (2)
23    Sonia O'Sullivan (757)     01:03:26     Ages 40-44  (1)     Female  (3)
27    Joyce WOLFE (309)     01:03:54     Female 35-39  (3)     Female  (4)
61    Mary SWEENEY (764)     01:08:47     Ages 50+  (1)     Female  (5)
92    Amy WOLFE (805)     01:11:22     Senior Women  (1)     Female  (6)
122    Sandra MANNING (321)     01:13:25     Senior Women  (2)     Female  (7)
137    Jessica BRUTON (198)     01:14:17     Senior Women  (3)     Female  (8)
140    Ann DONNELLY (848)     01:14:42     Ages 50+  (2)     Female  (9)
147    Noreen CROWLEY (41)     01:15:32    5     Senior Women  (4)     Female  (10)

Results......The provisional results can be seen HERE

Photos...(Sun 13th Apr @10pm)
1) Kieran Minihane has a gallery HERE 
2) The organisers have two galleries. One from the early part of the race HERE and some from near the finish line HERE 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Notice...Boherbue to Kiskeam 4 mile road race - Mon 21st Apr 2014

Looking ahead to some more races coming up in the near future, this one might be of interest to anyone west or north of Cork City, in Kerry or south and west Limerick. The Jack O'Keeffe 4 mile road race is in North-West Cork on Easter Monday, the 21st of April.

This 4 mile road race starts in Boherbue and finishes in the village of Kiskeam. As you can see from the map below, it's a central location for a lot of people...

The race is being organised by Gneeveguilla AC, one of the largest athletic clubs in Kerry. The entry fee is €15 on the day and there is a huge array of prizes on offer. These are usually in the form of vouchers for a local co-op and are pretty generous.

There will be the usual refreshments of tea. coffee. sandwiches, etc afterwards as well. A full preview of the course with directions, maps, photos, etc can be seen HERE

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Last reminder about the Great Island 10 mile race in Cobh next Sunday 13th Apr 2014

As we count down to the next big 10 mile road race in Cork next Sunday, here are a few messages from the organisers of the Great Island 10.

1) Anyone who has not received there race pack by now and is registering between now and Friday can collect their race pack at the Pre-Reg desk from 8am on Sunday morning. Anyone wishing to register on Sunday can do so at race HQ (The Great Island Comunity Centre) from 8am

2) Online registration will close on Friday the 11th of April at 6pm.

3) This year for the first time, there will be pacers for the Great Island 10. John Dunphy has assembled a team of pacers from Midleton AC, Eagle AC and Tramore AC. They will aim to set a suitable pace while will take into account the various hills along the route. Their target times are 70 mins, 80 mins and 90 mins.

4) ..........and just a reminder, it's not all about times and pb's. The aim of the race is to generate much needed funds for the Irish Cancer Society. This is a message that the organisers received last year..."Great Cause, Great Organisation, Great Race. Thanks for a fantastic day. Most races, you're toeing the line battling your time target demons or 'that' person you're eternally trying to beat on the local racing circuit, but the feel to this race was different. It was the cause on the day that gave us all that united feeling, no matter what targets we had, the best one was for the cancer sufferers, survivors and their families. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it."

5) Car Parking....When you arrive at Belvelly Bridge, turn left and follow the road into Cobh. Vehicle Owners should follow the sign posts for the official race car parks. All car parks will be managed by an official race steward.

6) Last minute update...Thurs 10th 8pm..."Online donations collected so far are a whooping €1,495.50 Thank you so much, a lot of people will benefit from your kindness!!!"

7)..."The Community Centre can be used as changing facilities and gear bags can be left here during the race. Toilet facilities will be available at head quarters and also at the finish line. All competitors should be at the start line no later then 10.10am as the race will start at 10.30am on time. Anyone registering on the day would need to come to HQ early. Registration desks will be open from 8.00am"

8)..."Coral Leisure Centre Cobh have kindly offered their Leisure Centre to anyone wishing to avail of a Shower, Sauna and Steam after the event for €2. All money raised or donated by competitors in the Leisure Centre on the day will be donated back to the Charity. Coral Leisure Centre is just by the start line." 

More info in the original race notice...